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46:02 minutes David Gray

In Seattle for his Marymoor Park show with Ray Lamontagne, David was eager to showcase material from Foundling, his second album in 11 months. In this session he explains what his album title means, offers vivid insights into the process of crafting his music, and has his way with a Bob Dylan song.

SONGS: Holding On, Forgetting, A New Day At Midnight, We Could Fall In Love Again Tonight, One Too Many Mornings, This Year's Love

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21:26 minutes Ray LaMontagne

Ray is a private man. In fact he's so private that he preferred to do his Lounge performance in a studio with no audience -- just a couple of band members, our engineer, and John Fisher. But he was eager to talk about the meticulous way in which he went about crafting album, right down to breakfast each day at a place called Elmer's.

SONGS: For The Summer, Beg Steal Or Borrow

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32:38 minutes Ry Cuming

The Australian singer/songwriter/surfer who's just starting to break big in the US, thanks in large part no doubt to his appearance on our most recent Emerging Artists CD. He talks about the connection between surfing and music, his duet with Sara Bareilles, and the 1984 Cadillac convertible he drives to the beach at Malibu.

SONGS: Meaning Of It All, Always Remember Me, Some Kind Of Love, Hallelujah

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29:22 minutes Steven Page

After a 20-year career as a founding member of Barenaked Ladies, Steven is officially a solo artist, with a new album (Page One) on the way. He plays a couple of new songs, a couple of old favorites, and talks candidly about the reasons he left BNL.

SONGS: A New Shore, Jane, Indecision, Brian Wilson

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35:20 minutes Melissa Etheridge

She rocked the Paramount for nearly three hours, then stayed in town to join us in the Lounge the next day. Here she does a couple of old faves and a couple of songs from her newest release, Fearless Love, and she talks about raising kids, being cancer-free and having dinner at the home of Elisabeth Hasselbeck from The View.

SONGS: Fearless Love, Company, Come To My Window, Bring Me Some Water

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28:35 minutes The Rescues

Four singer/songwriters from L.A., each already enjoying some success, banded together to create a fresh new sound. They specialize in impeccably crafted songs and tight harmonies, which you'll hear in this session featuring tracks from their full-length debut, Let Loose The Horses.

SONGS: Let Loose The horses, Break Me Out, You're Not Listening, My Heart With You

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32:21 minutes Natalie Merchant

The longtime frontwoman of 10,000 Maniacs (who left the band and released her first solo album in 1995) is back with an ambitious new double CD, Lose Your Sleep, which features 19th and 20th century poems, inspired by children and set to music. She explains this massive project, plays three songs from it, and throws in one from her archives to wrap up the session.

SONGS: Nursery Rhyme of Innocence & Experience, Adventures of Isabel, If No One Ever Marries Me, Motherland

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20:10 minutes Big Head Todd

Denver music icons return to the Northwest in support of their new album Rocksteady. They have fond words for their dear departed tour bus, The Colonel, and they recall the night comedian Chris Farley joined them onstage to sing a Stones song, which they perform in this session.

SONGS: Beautiful, Broken Hearted Savior, Beast Of Burden

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26:54 minutes Avett Bros

The rootsy band from North Carolina finally makes their first appearance in the Lounge before a packed crowd of adoring fans. They couldn't be more congenial, and their music couldn't be more authentic and engaging. Here they tell the story of recording their latest album, I And Love And You, with uber-producer Rick Rubin, and they discuss the pros and cons of being in a band with your brother.

SONGS: January Wedding, Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise, Laundry Room

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24:17 minutes Blue Giant

Kevin and Anita Robinson are a married couple whose Portland-based band Viva Voce put out 5 albums in the last 15 years. Now they've regrouped with some fellow Rose City indie music pals and formed Blue Giant. It's an appealing mix of twangy and trippy, as you'll hear in these three tracks from their debut full-length album.

SONGS: Clean The Clock, Go On, Target Heart

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